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Welcome in Rockon Club

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Meet Our Team



Emily Taylor


Adam Smith


Jasmine Doe

What Our Client Says



The best place to b for a nyt out. The Dj is so perfect

Daniela Vitalis


We had a friend's birthday and really enjoyed ourselves. The music, the customer service was really good. The Dj was on point and played the best music for us. …

Caroline Kituku


I wish I could be here everyday...lit...the best..the cow stole the show,the music was good, the service was excellent..nairobi kinda shiiiit... the place to be

Said Salim Juma

What We Offers



“For excitement and thrills, no other night touches this one. Club Hypnotica just keeps on cutting it.” – Nairobi Evening...

Food Quality

Our menus are inspired in the african and chinese culinary heritage. Excellent chefs creating the most delicious food with first quality products...

Night Club

Continue until dawn at Hypnotica Nairobi, where you'll find sets from world-class DJs, a state-of-the-art sound system and top club nights....


New opening soon. Enjoy the best chinese and african recipes at Hypnotica Krishna Center....